Monday, August 21, 2017

                                                             "Bob's Blog"
     I've not written here for five years now, at age 91,  I'm back, and with a bit of luck, I'll match Grandfather Holt, who lived to be 96 1/2. With phenomenal luck, I'll match his nephew who lived to be 102, and, with even phenomenally greater luck, match a female cousin, who lived to be 104. She was married to a preacher and, unfortunately, had no children. So, the really long-living gene does exist in my heritage but, do I have it? Only time will tell.😊  😎 You bet.

     How long can I, or, will I, continue writing? that's hard to know. My continuing health alone will determine that. I do intend to write until the end. Is there a life after death? Heaven? Hell? Who knows? I doubt it, but, like everyone else, I hope so. It's hard to accept the finality of death.  
     I hope to be able to continue writing until the very end---whenever that occurs. I've thought of the end, when does it occur? Are there really such places as heaven? or hell?  How do we really know that heaven and hell DO exist? Frankly, I don't think we do really know---We hope---In actuality.   
      I know, I'm a crusty, Ole, hmm,  91 year old ----, well, character, and so, probably, the blog will have you smiling, laughing, growling and/or snickering as we roll along.. So, I hope you hang in there with me, and lets see how it goes. Bob.

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