Sunday, January 31, 2010

Apology for Tardiness

I have an excuse rather than a reason for being absent from the blog for such an extended time: Genie, my wife, just went through an operation to repair a broken cuff in her right shoulder and I've been attending to her needs the past week. How was the cuff injured? She was taking our new German Shorthaired Pointer, Ruff2 on a walk, when Ruff spotted a rabbit and leaped after it. Gene was jerked so hard she hit the ground on her right shoulder, while still holding on to the leash. The fall resulted in tearing the cuff in her arm and when the arm failed to respond to healing she went to the Doc. He gave her the bad news, the cuff has been torn and you will have to have surgury to repair it. Thus the surgery. And thus my absence. As I said, its more of an excuse on my part for my absence rather than a reason. I'm back and working on a new blog entry which should get posted either later today or tomorrow at the latest. I promise you I will do better in the future,  Bob

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