Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hi Folks, I'm finally back

I hope the New Year brings great joy to all of you. Genie and I spent the last several weeks visiting her family living in the Houston area, including lovely daughter Amy, our new family lawyer. We drove the 2400 hundred mile round trip in our 2004 1/2 ton, Chevy Pickup. We added 800 miles while there visiting family. And, thanks to the extended family's hospitality, we really enjoyed our stay.
Driving in and around Houston is something else again. Traffic was so dense in the Galleria area where Amy currently works it took far more Patience than I posses just to go around the block. Gene handled that chore. I guess she didn't really want a husband with a blown top. Houston streets appear to have been blown out of a funnel attached to the back of a cement truck onto an unprepared track of dirt and just left to dry. Bad, Bad, Bad. Other than that, we really enjoyed our stay.
With a little luck I'll get my new blog posted either tomorrow---I have to go to town and do a bit of shopping--we like to eat--or certainly by Tuesday.
Thanks a heap for your patience. Bob

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