Thursday, January 27, 2011

Back At Last, also, with a "FIND A GRAVE" proposal

I haven't the foggiest notion whether there is anyone still visiting my blog. I hope there is as I'm finally back---for awhile anyway. Part of the long delay time was the computer and part was just plain laziness on my part. And, part on my reader's shoulders. It's not easy to keep coming up with family data. I'm using what I have and had hoped to get a few followers to participate to enlarge the info about our collective families.
      I've come up with a thought as to how you can participate. My wife, Genie, has begun working as a local picture-taker volunteer with an outfit called "Find a Grave." Upon request by "Find a Grave" she takes photos of  the requested gravestones  in cemeteries locally which are then published on the "Find a Grave" site. It's a large national organization. It's all done on the Internet.  I had a brainstorm the other day: why didn't I do the same thing but getting my blog readers---you know who---take pictures of gravestones of our own long-gone relatives and publish them on my blog site, or on another site with a link to my site as well as a link to the picture providers site if the picture provider so chooses. Crazy? Maybe. But could be interesting and informative.
     It would work something like this: One of you, anyone reading  my family blog, would request a photo of a grave of such and such ancestor who is buried in this or that cemetery in "anytown." Any blog reader who is in the vicinity of that grave site would take a photo of the grave and send it to me on the Internet for publication on the blog.  
     I'll be back real soon with another ancestral family data item. Boy it would be great to have pictures of  at least some or even one of their gravestones to go along with the history. By golly, I have pictures of a few of our ancestors' graves. I'll do one so you can get the idea of what I'm after. I'm not after you to write a blog, although that would be nice. I want to set up an affiliated site with family photos and photos of graves of ancestors---some who passed away long before photography was even invented.
     Let me know what you think.


  1. Think it is great idea. I'm willing this spring or summer to get the ones that I know of in Beaver County, PA. I take pictures of graves all the time so I remember dates and where they are. Great idea.

  2. Although I have visited find a grave many times, I only just recently signed in for an account. I plan to add the tombstone pics I have collected while doing our family research. Just another item on my to do list...but at least I am one step closer.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)