Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BRRRRrrrrrr! 16 Last Night

OOOPPPS!!!! I wrote that little bit below on the weather about ten days ago. Since then we've had a touch of snow and more cold weather. Nice today though, February 22nd.  

     It's not easy to keep coming up with things to write about our ancestors but there is more out there to be had than you think. For instance, I learned that William Holt, an older brother to our ancestor Thomas, lost his wife, Mary Means, to Rabies in 1788. She was just twenty five years old. I can't imagine such a tragedy.
      It was 9* night before last and my water line froze) Guess what, it's still frozen. It's now 11:05 and still only 26*. Yesterday it reached a high of 25---Brrrrr. I was out digging a little this morning but dedided to wait until it gets above freezing at least.  Still no water in the house. Ahhh, 2pm, not even a trickle but temp is 38, maybe by dark---I hope.

     YIPPEEE, I have a volunteer for Beaver County Gravesites for my Gravestone picture taking project. I just tried to add it to my blog but it disappeared. At almost 85--4 more months---I'm not the most accompolished character with the computer, but I'm trying so stick with me.  As soon as I find it I'll add it. Thank you for volunteering. We can have a lot of fun with this project. I'll get busy now and get my site set up---lets hear from volunteers anywhere, we have long-gone relatives all over the place, not just Beaver County, Pa. This could be fun and also informative as too where our roots are. Any of you out there who read this can send pictures of Gravestones of their ancestors graves to be added to the file whether I ask for them or not. In fact, that would be great. Also, any family stories about any of our ancestral lines that you have would be great. I'll publish every one I get. Be sure to give me permission to publish the pictures and/or story when you send it.

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