Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I keep telling you that I'm back and then disappear for weeks on end: Not good. The problem, as I see it, is I've been suffering through a period of depression. Why am I depressed? I haven't a clue. But depressed I have been and still am. I've decided to fight it every way I know how and preparing and writing this blog is one of the avenues I intend to pursue in that fight.
     To me, knowledge of, and about, our ancestral families helps us understand, not only where we came from, but why we are as we are. It provides clues to the sources of our various strengths and weaknesses. It isn't easy to discover what their individual accompolishments were, but as we trace the succeeding families over time and place them in their historical context, we begin to get clues as to why we, and they, as individuals, are what we are. I find these discoveries about  my ancestors and myself fascinating.
     Now that I've got the gobble de goop out of my system, I'll get my next blog addition written and published here within the next few days. I hope you stay with me.

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