Monday, April 2, 2012

Treasures in the 1940's Census

Ahh, spring is finally here. I, like the posies, am tentatively peeping around to see if I can again begin to produce. I don't want to wilt and go away as I did last fall; indeed, as I did earlier this spring. My roots percieved some new fertilizer being sprinkled around today, the 1940 census was released for researching for the first time this morning. It's not indexed yet, but if you know where to go, its treasures are ready and waiting to be found. Good Hunting.
By 1940, the Nazis and Russia had Europe ablaze, and the Japanese were very effectively torching Asia.  Our leaders here in the U.S. were still twittling their thumbs and hoping for a miracle that never came; indeed, never had a chance of coming. In that 1940 census you will be able to find the next to last enumeration for millions of young, male relatives of yours and mine who gave that last, great measure of love, so that we, their descendants and loved ones, could live in peace. Find them and honor them in your family records and with adornments on their graves. 

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