Monday, August 15, 2011

ECOFF--.A Long Line of Distinguished Warriors

A few  years back, 2007 I believe, after I had started work on my memoir, I got in touch with one of my relatives who had served as a pilot  in WW ll, David W. Ecoff. Dave had a twin brother, Daniel, who had also served in WW ll  and was also a pilot but in the Navy. I finally reached Dave and had a wonderful old-home-week conversation with him. Dave and Dan born July 10, 1920, which made them almost exactly six years older than I so I didn't really know them at all.

Dave was sworn in as an aviation cadet on the 25 of February, 1942 and soloed on June 19th of that same year. and was discharged October15, 1945. That same year, he enlisted in the Air force reserve and served until 1980 when, at age 60, he received an honorable discharge.

In 2007 I contacted Dave to help me with the genealogy of that side of the family. During our conversation I became aware of the long line of Ecoff men and relatives who had served our Country from the war of 1812, actually the Revolution, through WW ll. He had collected copies of pictures of  most of them including pictures of  the12  Ecoffs who served in WW ll, one of whom was an Olaf G. Beestrum, who I believe was the husband of an Ecoff female.  He very kindly sent me a copy of his collection of Ecoff warriors and several years later, a copy of a book covering his years in WWll which will be the subject of an upcoming blog. For now, though, I want to show you his colledtion of the Ecoff Warriors: 

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