Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Very Tough Assignment---Keep the Blog Interesting---Really Tough to do!

I've been blowing it big time lately on keeping the blog interesting and moving along.  At first I published articles on various, older families. Then I awakened to the fact that even if I went back only three generations---in some families I have them back eight to as many as twelve generations---and picked a family to write about, only 1/16th of the visitors to my site would be interested in that particular family. Not a good way to keep readers interested in visiting the blog. As to my genealogy, it is already public and there is a link in this blog to take you to it.
What will I write about? Well, because I have found interesting things about certain individuals in my genealogical lines their stories will be told. But mostly I intend to write about topics other  than family that I find of interest to me that I hope will be of  interest to you. Also, and I want to emphasize this, I would really appreciate in-put from my readers.  


  1. Here:


    Borrow from it whenever you get stuck.

  2. Thanks, I'll do that!