Monday, August 8, 2011

Politics, Keep out of the Blog ? Hmmmnnnn

Ohh my, the temptation is so great for me to launch into current politics on my blog.  But, good sense (my good wife, Genie) is sitting on my shoulder counseling me to keep my politics to myself. When I'm thinking rationally, I know she is right. But when politics get really dicey, as they are now, it takes all the will power I possess to keep my big mouth shut. Holt males, at least all of the ones I have known over the many years of my life, are vested with a very active and very vocal political gene.  It causes their faces to get red, their eyes to snap and sparkle,  their arms to wave wildly with a finger pointing menacingly at whom ever they are lecturing on the topic at hand---political topic that is. And they are right by d---.  Ohh, it's bad, bad bad.
So, good common sense tells me to keep on the straight and narrow environs of our familial past and pass along to you what I know or have found out about our collective ancestors. Believe it or not, some of our ancestors were very active politically, especially the Holt folks. And  many many of our ancestor males participated in our countries wars that occurred in their life times. I'm very proud of our ancestor  participants in the nations battles over the centuries. We've had them in every war since the French and Indian war of 1755/58 right down, I suspect though I don't know of any, to the current mess in the middle east. We lost at least one Davis cousin, Ronald, during the Battle of the Bulge in WWll. He was a dispatch currier whose Jeep was blown up. There were probably others in those many wars and I would like to know who they were so we could honor them. If you know of any, please send me the information and I will compose a blog naming them.

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  1. Gee Bob, I didn't know that Holt males were "strong" on politics. Ha-Ha I remember Grandma(Mary Pearl) telling PaPa (Samuel Jacob) to hush when he would get started. It was uncomfortable because of the tension in the air but you know I learned a lot from listening to these discussions. But they were heated discussions!